Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More endorsements for Marchione 4/3

Republican committees in Mechanicville and Wilton are the latest to show their support for County Clerk Kathy Marchione, who will formally announce her bid for state Senate on Wednesday afternoon.

Marchione met with the committees on Tuesday night. She's also been endorsed by GOP committees in Ballston, Malta, Saratoga and Halfmoon, where she was town supervisor prior to becoming county clerk in 1997.

“Kathy’s dedication to the Republican Party and her strong belief in core conservative values make her the candidate best suited to represent the Republican community. Kathy’s hard work and proven track record of getting the job done make her the candidate best suited to represent our senate district,” Mechanicville GOP Chairman Chris Boyark said.

"The Wilton Republicans are proud to endorse Kathy Marchione," added Elaine Gerber, vice chairwoman of the Wilton Republicans. “She has the values, the courage, and, most importantly, the integrity we need in a senator.”

That out of the way, there's something that also needs to be addressed. Marchione's announcements generally say she is "considering a run for state Senate" and the announcement of her press conference said there was "speculation" about whether she would challenge Roy McDonald for the 43rd district. I call shenanigans.

For one, she's actively seeking endorsements. That's not something you'd do unless you actually intended to run.

Secondly, she has a campaign website. It's not live now, but her campaign e-mails all come from marchione2012.com. She registered the domain name on March 18, the day after the Saratoga County Republican Committee postponed its state Senate endorsement because of her interest in the post. Creating a campaign website is not something you'd do unless you actually intended to run.

Last but not least, she has an election committee, which on March 23 received a $6,200 transfer from the committee that helped get her elected to the County Clerk post. That was the day after the Saratoga Republican Committee endorsed her. Some of you may know where I'm going with this.

I understand she's trying to drum up excitement for the announcement by shrouding it in mystery, but there's really no speculation. I think the real question is whether she plans to resign from her clerical post to focus on her campaign. I plan on asking her tomorrow. 

The announcement is at an ice cream stand, which is awesome. With any luck I'll be able to grab some cookie dough while I'm there.

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